Release Notes

      • Admin: Improved the content of alerts sent when a curation job fails
Bug fixes
      • Repository: fixed a bug preventing the import of references via a bibtex file
      • Reports: fixed a bug that caused an error when creating reports
      • OAI: fixed a bug that caused an incorrect "in press" release date
      • OAI: Validation of the OAI output
New features
      •  Home: author selection in the author simple search
      • Statistics: addition of to the list of bots and correction of statistics for 19/11/2023 corrupted by this plagiarism detection tool
      • MyORBi and reference display: Twitter name and logo replaced by X
      • Publication reports: addition of several trusted preprints servers for the "preprints" category in FNRS templates
      • Repository: corrected URL for OpenCitations bibliometric data retrieval
      • OAI-PMH: added FNRS harvesting project document types and disciplines to oai mets/mods output
      • Admin: ability, when adding files via the edit item tool, to automatically generate a license and add version, access and file type information.
      • Admin: addition of IndexDiscovery job for improved reindex management
      • Admin: monitoring of enriched references (by archiving or job) via ID reporting.
      • Admin: improved message display in the event of a metadata import error.
Bug fixes
      • Repository: corrected link for forwarding signature requests to a UMONS member who has left the institution
      • Repository: fixed a bug preventing BibTeX import of a file containing unvalidated authors
      • MyORBi: corrected a bug preventing references from being removed from the list of most significant publications via the "My publications" page
      • Admin: corrected a bug preventing the addition of a policy for a document via the edit item tool
      • OAI-PMH: fixed bug preventing validation of oai output
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing completion of the StorageCleanUp job
      • Technical debt: fixed XSS security vulnerability
New features
      • Reports: Thumbnails Display
      • MyORBi: display of thumbnails in profile and widgets
      • MyORBi: selection and display of the most significant publications
      • OAI-PMH: added METS/MODS output
      • Home: improved alphabetical order of the authors' browse
      • Filing: Added a copyright warning when uploading images in OA
      • Repository: retrieving Scopus IDs from a repository by import
      • Filing and Displaying: Updated DOI Syntax
      • List View: Changing the Default Sort (by Descending Date)
      • Detailed View: Highlighting File Upload Features
      • Detailed view: improved display of co-first/co-last authors
      • Detailed View: Updated APA Citation Format
      • Detailed view: retrieving DOIs from Scopus IDs
      • Admin: increase in the number of references to be imported via the import metadata tool (please note, the import metadata is currently being tested. Contact ULiège before using!)
      • Admin: Updated bot list
      • Admin: improved processing of information retrieved via Scopus ID
      • Admin: added scopus 2022 metrics
      • Admin: adding licenses in the import via the Batch import admin tool
      • OAI-PMH: Updated file language display in open oai output in accordance with COAR recommendations
      • OAI-PMH: addition of the "editorial review" info in the oai output of periodicals
      • Logs: Synchronization of the metric data collected after data change in the ULiège periodicals database
Bug fixes
      • Deposit: fixed a bug preventing the submission of a thesis
      • Tabling: addition of Kosovo to the list of countries
      • Repository: fixed a bug preventing the import of references in RIS/EndNote format from Scopus
      • Detailed display: typo correction in APA citations for theses, posters and eprints
      • Reporting & Search: fixed a bug that prevented references from being sorted by publication date
      • MyOrbi: fixed the display of the ORCID logo in the author profile
      • MyORBi: fixed a bug preventing reprint requests from being displayed
      • Statistics: Corrected the treatment of the northern part of Somalia
      • OAI: Fixed the total number of full-text OA references in OAI output
      • OAI: fixed a bug preventing some references from being output in certain contexts
      • REST API: fixed a bug preventing the REST URL generated via the widget tool from working
      • Admin: fixed a bug that prevented a reference from being removed from the workflow
      • Admin: deletion of email and id of external authors after archiving
      • Admin: fixed the display of the delay in days before automatic start of jobs
      • Admin: Stop indexing bibliometric data in jobs
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing editing an external author's email via the admin Workflow tool
      • Home: Fixing an XSS Security Vulnerability
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