Farhat Dhouha

Main Research Fields
Biochemistry, biophysics & molecular biology
Mechanical engineering
Main Keywords
trapezo-metcarpal prosthesis, EBM;
Main Unit & Research Centers
BIOSYS - Biosys
Main Co-authors
Datoussaïd, Sélim 
Guerlement, Guy 
VanParys, Laurent 
Dagrain, Fabrice 
Engels, Carsten

Publications (total 8)

Farhat, D. (2013). Field quantification of stone dust in masonry mortars with the scratching test.

Farhat, D. (2013). Etude complémentaire sur la contribution des superplastifiants à l'amélioration des performances des mortiers avec additions calcaires.

Farhat, D., & Dagrain, F. (12 March 2013). Potential interest of masonry mortars for recycling stone dusts of industrial processes. Poster session presented at La matinée des chercheurs, Mons, Belgium.

Farhat, D., & Engels, C. (02 December 2011). NOVEL AND PROMISING FREE FORM MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY CONTRIBUTE TO THE IMPROVEMENT OF A TRAPEZO- METACARPAL JOINT IMPLANT. Poster session presented at 10 th belgian day on biomedical engineering, Bruxelles, Belgium.

Farhat, D., Datoussaïd, S., VanParys, L., & Guerlement, G. (2011). Improvement Of A Trapezo-Metcarpal Prosthesis By Using Electron Beam Melting. Paper presented at 17th International Symposium on Computational Biomechanics, Ulm, Germany.

Farhat, D., VanParys, L., Datoussaïd, S., & Guerlement, G. (2011). Improvement of a trapezo-metacarpal prosthesis by using electron beam melting. Paper presented at International society of biomechanics, Bruxelles, Belgium.

Farhat, D. (22 March 2011). OPTIMAL DESIGN OF A TRAPEZO-METACARPAL PROSTHETIC IMPLANT. Poster session presented at 6ème édition de la Matinée des Chercheurs (MDC 2011), Mons, Belgium.

Farhat, D. (08 December 2010). OPTIMAL DESIGN OF A TRAPEZO-METACARPAL PROSTHETIC IMPLANT. Poster session presented at BioWin Day : Science for Business Open innovation, the new model to innovate in health, Aula Magna (Louvain-La-Neuve), Belgium.

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