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Main Referenced Co-authors
MELOT, Hadrien  (3)
Camby, Eglantine (1)
Hertz, Alain (1)
Main Referenced Keywords
automated discovery system (1); Digenes (1); extremal graph theory (1); graph invariant (1);
Main Referenced Unit & Research Centers
CREMMI - Modélisation mathématique et informatique (4)
Main Referenced Disciplines
Mathematics (5)
Computer science (3)
Electrical & electronics engineering (2)

Publications (total 5)

Absil, R., Camby, E., Hertz, A., & Mélot, H. (10 January 2018). A sharp lower bound on the number of non-equivalent colorings of graphs of order n and maximum degree n-3. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 234, 3-11.
Peer Reviewed verified by ORBi

Absil, R., & Mélot, H. (05 March 2013). Partial proofs on the price of symmetrisation. Paper presented at GraphDay, Mons, Belgium.

Absil, R. (30 August 2012). Digenes and price of orientation. Paper presented at GRaph structures 2, Gand, Belgium.

Absil, R., & Mélot, H. (23 August 2012). Digenes, a new tool using genetic algorithms for directed extremal graph theory. Paper presented at Computers in Scientific Discovery 6, Portoroz, Slovenia.

Absil, R. (22 March 2011). Price of orientation. Poster session presented at 6ème édition de la Matinée des Chercheurs (MDC 2011), Mons, Belgium.

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