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Main Referenced Co-authors
MELOT, Hadrien  (3)
Camby, Eglantine (1)
Hertz, Alain (1)
Main Referenced Keywords
automated discovery system (1); Digenes (1); extremal graph theory (1); graph invariant (1);
Main Referenced Unit & Research Centers
CREMMI - Modélisation mathématique et informatique (4)
Main Referenced Disciplines
Mathematics (5)
Computer science (3)
Electrical & electronics engineering (2)

Publications (total 5)

Absil, R., Camby, E., Hertz, A., & Mélot, H. (10 January 2018). A sharp lower bound on the number of non-equivalent colorings of graphs of order n and maximum degree n-3. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 234, 3-11.
Peer Reviewed verified by ORBi

Absil, R., & Mélot, H. (05 March 2013). Partial proofs on the price of symmetrisation [Paper presentation]. GraphDay, Mons, Belgium.

Absil, R. (30 August 2012). Digenes and price of orientation [Paper presentation]. GRaph structures 2, Gand, Belgium.

Absil, R., & Mélot, H. (23 August 2012). Digenes, a new tool using genetic algorithms for directed extremal graph theory [Paper presentation]. Computers in Scientific Discovery 6, Portoroz, Slovenia.

Absil, R. (22 March 2011). Price of orientation [Poster presentation]. 6ème édition de la Matinée des Chercheurs (MDC 2011), Mons, Belgium.

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