Pascal Benjamin

Université de Mons - UMONS > Faculté des Sciences > Service de Biologie des Organismes Marins et Biomimétisme

Main Referenced Co-authors
Dubois, Philippe (1)
EECKHAUT, Igor  (1)
GROSJEAN, Philippe  (1)
Lavitra, Thierry (1)
Lepoint, Gilles (1)
Main Referenced Disciplines
Agriculture & agronomy (1)

Publications (total 1)

Pascal, B., Lavitra, T., Dubois, P., Lepoint, G., Grosjean, P., Todinanahary, G., Tsiresy, G., & Eeckhaut, I. (21 April 2013). Presentation of the 'polyaquaculture in Madagascar': A research program to ensure sustainable coastal livelihoods in southwestern and northern regions of the Red Island. Paper presented at 21st International Seaweed Symposium, Bali, Indonesia.

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