Walaszczyk Julie

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Main Research Fields
Languages & linguistics
Education & instruction
Aerospace & aeronautics engineering
Space science, astronomy & astrophysics
Main Keywords
Teacher training; Content and Language Integrated Learning; Continuous Professional Development; Global citizenship; Internationalisation of the curriculum;
Main Unit & Research Centers
URBAINE - Urbanisation Revitalisation Bâtiment Architecture Innovations Espaces
Main Co-authors
Valcke, Jennifer
Hanus, Anne 
Croé, Gertrude
Gustafsson, Magnus
Nashaat-Sobhy, Nashwa

Publications (total 8)

Walaszczyk, J., & Segers, S. (2022). Shifting Assessment Online in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case of an ICLHE Undergraduate Course in Medicine. In The Use of Technology in English Medium Education. Springer.

Valcke, J., Nashaat-Sobhy, N., Sánchez-García, D., & Walaszczyk, J. (01 January 2022). Teacher development to mediate global citizenship in English-medium education contexts. Journal of English-Medium Instruction, 1 (1), 65-84.
Peer reviewed

Seddiki, C., & Walaszczyk, J. (2020). FACE AU COVID: CARE LAB (Seddiki, C., & Walaszczyk, J., Trans.).

Telle, E., Vicenzutto, A., Tiberi, L., & Walaszczyk, J. (13 January 2020). The Holy Trinity: Scientific, educational and personal benefits of EMI classes for students and teachers in psychology (Symposium). Paper presented at ICHLE Symposium 2020 - TRANSDISCIPLINARY COLLABORATION IN ICLHE AND EMI, Mons, Belgium.

Valcke, J., Walaszczyk, J., & Gustafsson, M. (16 October 2019). Valcke, J., Walaszczyk, J., Gustafsson, M. Stepping out of the silos: Training teachers, training trainers. Paper presented at ICLHE Conference, Castellón, Spain.

Walaszczyk, J., & Hanus, A. (05 April 2019). Podcasting in a CLIL context: voicing teachers' concerns. Paper presented at EMI Practices in Europe, Copenhague, Denmark.

Croé, G., Hanus, A., & Walaszczyk, J. (26 March 2019). Two2Tango: an online tandem course for teacher professionalization in English. Paper presented at Hogent International Week, Gand, Belgium.

Valcke, J., Romero Alfaro, E., Walaszczyk, J., & Peters, C. (07 October 2017). Training teachers to teach in English - Five universities come together. Paper presented at ICLHE Conference, Copenhague, Denmark.

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