Lachery Emeline

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Main Referenced Co-authors
Escobar, Julien (2)
OLIVIER, Marjorie  (2)
Peeterbroeck, Sophie  (2)
Poelman, Mireille  (2)
Poorteman, Marc  (2)
Main Referenced Unit & Research Centers
CRIM - Ingénierie des matériaux (2)
Main Referenced Disciplines
Mechanical engineering (2)
Education & instruction (2)
Chemistry (1)

Publications (total 2)

Lachery, E., Escobar, J., Peeterbroeck, S., Poelman, M., Poorteman, M., & Olivier, M.-G. (09 September 2015). Preparation of nanocontainers for inhibition of aluminium alloy corrosion and dispersion in an organic coating. Paper presented at EUROCORR 2015, Graz, Austria.
Peer reviewed

Escobar, J., Lachery, E., Peeterbroeck, S., Poelman, M., Mayer, C., Poorteman, M., & Olivier, M.-G. (19 May 2015). Study of corrosion protection of aluminium alloys by encapsulated inhibitors in an epoxy organic. Paper presented at Aluminium Surface Science & technology, Madeira, Portugal.
Peer reviewed

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