Bauduin Benoît

Main Referenced Co-authors
BOUTRY, Sébastien  (3)
LAURENT, Sophie  (3)
MULLER, Robert  (3)
Belabassi, Yamina (2)
Cadiou, Cyril (2)
Main Referenced Unit & Research Centers
CMMI - Centre de Recherche en Microscopie et Imagerie Médicale (3)
Main Referenced Disciplines
Radiology, nuclear medicine & imaging (2)
Chemistry (1)

Publications (total 3)

Callewaert, M., Cadiou, C., Belabassi, Y., Moreau, J., Portefaix, C., Henoumont, C., Laurent, S., Vander Elst, L., Muller, R., Bauduin, B., Boutry, S., Dinischiotu, A., & Chuburu, F. (07 December 2015). A nanogel approach to tune conventional MRI Contrast Agents into hypersensitive MRI probes: application to Lymph Node Molecular Imaging (LNMRI) [Paper presentation]. Medicinal Flavor of Metal Complexes : Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications, Orléans, France.

Belabassi, Y., Callewaert, M., Cadiou, C., Andry, M.-C., Molinari, M., Portefaix, C., Henoumont, C., Bauduin, B., Laurent, S., Vander Elst, L., Muller, R., Boutry, S., Larbanoix, L., Dinischiotu, A., & Chuburu, F. (10 September 2015). A Nanogel Approach to Tune Conventional MRI Contrast Agents into Hypersensitive MRI Probes: Application to Lymph Node Molecular Imaging (LNMRI) [Paper presentation]. COST Action TD1004 - Theranostics Imaging and Therapy: An Action to Develop Novel Nanosized Systems for Imaging- Guided Drug Delivery, Belgrade, Serbia.

Boutry, S., Larbanoix, L., Bauduin, B., Roch, M., Laurent, S., Corot, C., & Muller, R. (04 June 2014). Evaluation of αVβ3 integrin MR imaging as a marker of antiangiogenic treatment efficiency in a colorectal tumor model [Poster presentation]. EMIM, 9th European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI), Anvers, Belgium.

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