Wattier Aurore

Main Referenced Co-authors
Arcolia, Vanessa  (3)
SAUSSEZ, Sven  (3)
BOUTRY, Sébastien  (2)
Decaestecker, Christine (2)
JOURNE, Fabrice  (2)
Main Referenced Disciplines
General & internal medicine (3)
Oncology (3)

Publications (total 3)

Arcolia, V., Journe, F., Wattier, A., Leteurtre, E., Gabius, H.-J., Remmelink, M., Decaestecker, C., Rodriguez, A., Boutry, S., Laurent, S., & Saussez, S. (01 July 2016). Galectin-1 as a diagnostic marker involved in thyroid cancer progression [Poster presentation]. Symposium of ULB-Cancer Research Centre (U-CRC), Erasme, Belgium.

Arcolia, V., Wattier, A., Remmelink, M., Decaestecker, C., & Saussez, S. (30 January 2016). Involvement of galectin-1 in thyroid cancers [Poster presentation]. BACR Annual Meeting, ULB Erasme, Belgium.

Wattier, A., Arcolia, V., Doumont, G., Boutry, S., Journe, F., & Saussez, S. (04 December 2015). Development of an orthotopic mouse model of human Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma [Poster presentation]. Televie's researchers seminar: towards new therapies for cancer patients, Gembloux , Belgium.

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