OOI Ran Dy

Main Research Fields
Mechanical engineering
Education & instruction
Main Unit & Research Centers
CRIM - Ingénierie des matériaux
Main Co-authors
Olivier, Marie-Georges 
Poorteman, Marc 
Druart, Marie-Eve 
Fedel, M.

Publications (total 2)

Ooi, R. D., Poorteman, M., Fedel, M., & Olivier, M.-G. (10 September 2018). Corrosion performance of a hybrid sol-gel coating on HDG steel modified with colloidal silica and disodium sebacate. Paper presented at EUROCORR2018 - The Annual Congress of the European Federation of Corrosion, Krakow, Poland.

Ooi, R. D., Olivier, M.-G., Druart, M.-E., & Poorteman, M. (04 July 2017). Architectured Mesoporous Sol-gel Coatings for Tribological and Corrosion Applications: Extragal® Pure Zinc Continuous Galvanised Steel. Poster session presented at 4th Researcher's Day of the Materials Research Institute, Mons, Belgium.

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