Samadi Bahnamiri Omid

Université de Mons - UMONS > Faculté des Sciences > Service de Chimie des Interactions Plasma-Surface

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CIRMAP - Centre d'Innovation et de Recherche en Matériaux Polymères
Main Co-authors
Snyders, Rony 
Bogaerts, Annemie
Britun, Nikolay
Britun, Nikolay 
Chatterjee, Abhyuday 

Publications (total 2)

Samadi Bahnamiri, O., Chatterjee, A., Snyders, R., & Britun, N. (08 October 2021). Diagnostics of a pulsed microwave discharge used for nitrogen fixation by means of infrared absorption and emission spectroscopy. Paper presented at 74th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, Central Daylight Time, USA, United States.

Samadi Bahnamiri, O., Verheyen, C., Snyders, R., Bogaerts, A., & Britun, N. (06 June 2021). Nitrogen fixation in pulsed microwave discharge studied by infrared absorption combined with modelling. Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 30 (6).
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