Piscopo Alessandro

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Main Referenced Co-authors
DE PAEPE, Ward  (3)
Parente, Alessandro (3)
Iavarone, Salvatore (2)
Savarese, Matteo  (2)
Bessette, Didier (1)
Main Referenced Keywords
Aerospace Engineering (1);
Main Referenced Disciplines
Energy (3)

Publications (total 3)

PISCOPO, A., Iavarone, S., Savarese, M., Riis, M., Crawford, B., Bessette, D., Orsino, S., Coussement, A., DE PAEPE, W., & Parente, A. (February 2024). Mixing time scale analysis of the Partially Stirred Reactor model for high-speed turbulent combustion of hydrogen in vitiated air. Acta Astronautica, 208 (May 2024), 70-89. doi:10.1016/j.actaastro.2024.02.009
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Piscopo, A., Savarese, M., Iavarone, S., Mehdi, R., De paepe, W., & Parente, A. (2023). Partially Stirred Reactor sensitivity analysis in a scramjet combustor [Paper presentation]. Joint meeting of the Belgian and Italian sections of the Comb. Institute.
Peer reviewed

Piscopo, A., Yousefzad farrokhi, F., Parente, A., & De paepe, W. (2023). Numerical study of the impact of H2 in a CH4-fuelled micro Gas Turbine combustion chamber [Paper presentation]. European Combustion Meeting (ECM).
Peer reviewed

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