Nzoyisubiziki Japhet

Main Referenced Co-authors
Bukuru, A. (1)
DUEZ, Pierre  (1)
NACHTERGAEL, Amandine  (1)
Ngendahimana, A. (1)
Ngezahayo, Jérémie  (1)
Ntakarutimana, V. (1)
Main Referenced Keywords
Pharmacognosie (1);
Main Referenced Disciplines
Alternative medicine (1)
Pharmacy, pharmacology & toxicology (1)

Publications (total 1)

Nzoyisubiziki, J., Ngendahimana, A., Ngezahayo, J., Nachtergael, A., Sindayihebura, A., Bukuru, A., Ntakarutimana, V., Tabyaoui, M., & Duez, P. (19 September 2023). Extension of the EU 'Traditional Herbal Medicine' concept to an oral transmission context: the case of the 5 anti-infectious medicinal plants most widely used in Burundi [Poster presentation]. The 11th Annual Meeting of The Good Practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Association, Leiden, Netherlands.
Peer reviewed

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