Morarescu Rodica

Main Research Fields
Main Unit & Research Centers
CIRMAP - Centre d'Innovation et de Recherche en Matériaux Polymères
CRPM - Physique des matériaux
Main Co-authors
Damman, Pascal 
Kolaric, Branko 
Vallée, R.A.L.
Baumert, Thomas
Englert, Lars

Publications (total 2)

Morarescu, R., Shen, H., Vallée, R. A. L., Maes, B., Kolaric, B., & Damman, P. (20 April 2012). Exploiting the localized surface plasmon modes in gold triangular nanoparticles for sensing applications. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 22, 11537-11542.
Peer reviewed

Morarescu, R., Englert, L., Kolaric, B., Damman, P., Vallée, R. A. L., Baumert, T., Hubenthal, F., & Trager, F. (2011). Tuning nanopatterns on fused silica substrates: a theoretical and experimental approach. Journal of Materials Chemistry B.
Peer reviewed

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