Zajega François

Main Research Fields
Computer science
Library & information sciences
Main Keywords
attention; image processing; social signal;
Main Co-authors
Ben Madhkour, Radhwan 
Dutoit, Thierry 
Leroy, Julien 
Mancas, Matei 
Riche, Nicolas 

Publications (total 4)

Ben Madhkour, R., Zajega, F., Dutoit, T., & (en collaboration avec 6 autres personnes ). (In press). City­Gate: A mul­ti­modal coop­er­a­tive inter­city window. Paper presented at eNTERFACE'12, Metz, France.

Zajega, F., Mancas, M., Ben Madhkour, R., Leroy, J., Riche, N., Rocca, F., Dutoit, T., & Yves, R. (07 November 2012). KinAct: the attentive social game demonstration. Paper presented at Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Daejeon, South Korea.

Zajega, F., picard-limpens, C., René, J., Puleo, A., Decuypere, J., Ravet, T., Frisson, C., & Mancas, M. (04 February 2012). MEDIANEUM: CRAFTING INTERACTIVE TIMELINES FROM MULTIMEDIA CONTENT. Quarterly Progress Scientific Report of the Numediart Research Program, 5 (2).

Leroy, J., Riche, N., Zajega, F., Mancas, M., Tilmanne, J., Gosselin, B., & Dutoit, T. (2011). The Attentive Machine: be Different! Paper presented at INTETAIN 2011, Genoa, Italy.

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