Laghdass Mélissa

Main Research Fields
Agriculture & agronomy
Environmental sciences & ecology
Phytobiology (plant sciences, forestry, mycology...)
Main Co-authors
Gillan, David 
Wattiez, Ruddy 
Grosjean, Philippe 
Leblud, Julien 
Moulin, Laure 

Publications (total 2)

Laghdass, M., Leblud, J., Moulin, L., Gillan, D., Grosjean, P., & Wattiez, R. (31 March 2013). Effect of ocean acidification on coral-associated bacterial communities in artificial mesocosms by metaproteogenomic approach. Poster session presented at 7ième Matinée des Chercheurs, Mons, Belgium.

Roosa, S., Laghdass, M., Wattiez, R., & Gillan, D. (25 November 2012). Next Generation Sequencing : From Pole to pole: Liège. Poster session presented at Next Generation Sequencing: From Pole to Pole, Liège, Belgium.

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