Kazan Abir

Main Research Fields
Biochemistry, biophysics & molecular biology
Main Co-authors
Gabriele, Sylvain 
Luciano, Marine 
Proces, Anthony 
Tafforeau, Lionel 
Vercruysse, Eléonore 

Publications (total 2)

Kazan, A., Tafforeau, L., & Gabriele, S. (30 March 2021). how do cell and nuclear shape changes influence the nucleolus ? Poster session presented at Mardi des Chercheurs 2021, Valenciennes, France.

Versaevel, M., Luciano, M., Vercruysse, E., Proces, A., Kazan, A., & Gabriele, S. (18 March 2019). Unraveling cell and tissue mechanotransduction with innovative microassays. Poster session presented at UMHAP, Mons, Unknown/unspecified.

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