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Reinforcement of dowel type connections
Bléron, Laurent; Descamps, Thierry  ; Lathuillière, Damien et al.
2015 • In Construction and Building Materials, Volume 97, p. 48-54
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Abstract :
[en] A good design of connections with dowel type fasteners is essential to ensure a safe design for the whole structure and a cost effective solution. With reinforced connections, engineers can achieve better capacity of the connection and safer designs by increasing the ductility of the connection (so-called 'capacity design' with a ductile connection to be the weak point). This paper presents an overview of the reinforcement of dowel type connections. Most of the failures encountered in dowel type connections occur because of an excess of shear stresses or tensile stresses perpendicular to the grain in the connection area. Because of the large amount of possible details and reinforcement techniques, this report mainly focuses on the reinforcement of dowel-type connections when the dowels are mainly loaded parallel to the grain. For such connections, modes of failure of un-reinforced and reinforced connections, updated design models and the effect of the reinforcement on the ductility of the connection will be presented. Among the various types of reinforcement techniques available, nowadays, self-tapping screws have found a wide field of application.
Research center :
URBAINE - Urbanisation Revitalisation Bâtiment Architecture Innovations Espaces
Disciplines :
Mechanical engineering
Author, co-author :
Bléron, Laurent
Descamps, Thierry ;  Université de Mons > Faculté Polytechnique > Service de Génie civil et Mécanique des Structures
Lathuillière, Damien
Bocquet, Jean-François
Language :
Title :
Reinforcement of dowel type connections
Publication date :
30 September 2015
Journal title :
Construction and Building Materials
Publisher :
Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Volume :
Volume 97
Pages :
Peer reviewed :
Peer Reviewed verified by ORBi
Research unit :
F801 - Génie civil et Mécanique des Structures
Research institute :
R400 - Institut de Recherche en Science et Ingénierie des Matériaux


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